introduction portrait

This is a compass rose. It shows the cardinal points: north (N), south (S),east (E) and west  (W)It also shows the intermediate points: north-east ( NE), south east (SE), north west (NW) and south west (SW).

Would you like to make your own compass at home? Here you have some suggestions, enjoy!




Here’s the Halloween song that we’ll be singing for the rest of the school in two weeks! Practise as much as you can!

Halloween, Halloween
Creepy, crawly Halloween
Trick or treat all in fun,
October 31st has come

Halloween, Halloween
Spooky, kooky Halloween
Kids in costumes, what a sight
On Halloween tonight

Big black cats
Vampire bats
Ghosts and goblins out tonight
Causing quite a fright

Halloween, Halloween
Painted faces, what a scene
Door to door
They trick or treat
For something sweet to eat

Halloween, Halloween
Celebrating Halloween
Jack-o’-lanterns all aglow
So the ancient stories go

Halloween, Halloween
Celtics started Halloween
They celebrated harvest time
With gifts of food and wine

Candles glow
Spirits go
Bringing luck and fortune too
This is what they knew

Halloween, Halloween
Now they call it Halloween
Skulls and bones
Create the scene
Very scary Halloween

Halloween, Halloween
Let’s have fun on Halloween
Witches fly
And children scream
Tonight on Halloween

Witches fly
And children scream
Tonight on Halloween!